week 2 timetable

Here is a suggested timetable of work for week 2 of the course. Why don't you copy and paste this (or the alternative version on the sandbox wiki) into your own wiki and then make changes/additions for your own timetable:


  • review the discussions about blogs; reply to at least one other person
  • read the pages about wikis; read the wikis for the course; make one addition or change to the OLL sandbox wiki
  • create your own wiki
  • write a new blog post (suggested topic: the kinds of blogs I have read and why I think they are interesting / not interesting)


  • download Second Life (SL) or access on a university computer (floor 1 of Thomson's Land, if you are in Moray House campus)
  • learn to move in SL
  • write a blog post (suggested topic: my experience of SL)


  • read a selection of wikis that have been created (both related to this course and "outside" wikis)
  • write a blog post about wikis
  • review what others on the course are saying about wikis by reading their blogs; reply to at least one blog post
  • read an article of current research about wikis; make notes and post ideas to the discussions
  • arrange to meet others in SL in the next few days (organise a student meeting time)


  • read an article of current research about SL; make notes;
  • send a comment to the discussions
  • write a blog post about SL;
  • write on my wiki about SL;
  • send a comment to the discussions about the advantages of using blogs, wikis and discussions for sharing ideas


  • review current research on SL, blogs and wikis
  • post to the discussions about this weeks topics
  • review blogs and wikis created by others on the course; reply/respond to at least one
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