block 2 timetable

This is a suggested timetable for block 2: creating your course

block 2 runs for 2 weeks

week 1

  • overview of issues
  • roles of teachers
  • roles of learners
  • theories and constructs in learning
  • the reflective practitioner
  • design and metaphor online
  • constraints in your teaching/learning context
task describe your proposed learners, the context and the tools you plan to use
task note your ideas about the roles of teachers and learners; give your vote and comments on the online poll
task discuss the metaphors you will use in your course
task note the constraints related to your course

week 2

  • theories and issues in collaborative learning
  • theories and issues in learner autonomy
  • aims, goals and objectives
  • welcoming your participants
  • adding communication to the course
  • using web pages for information
  • giving a rationale for your course
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