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This wiki will be used by the course tutor to post notes and information. If you would like to create your own notes and ideas you can use the "members" wiki on http://onlinelanguagelearning.pbwiki.com
You can explore the differences between the different wiki "hosts"; find out which wiki you prefer, and which you may want to use for your own course development.

Finding your way around

It is helpful to have a front page that is simply an index - information and a list of pages in the content. As wikis can be edited easily, it is important to keep track of what you have created and how you are organising the site. As more pages are added to the wiki, a link can be created on this front page. It is also possible to use a "sidebar", which is like an index of all the pages you want to appear in a list. The sidebar on this wiki is on the left of the screen; it may be on the right of the screen.
As you read a page, you should see some kind of indication that a word or phrase is a hyperlink (a link to another web page) - often the word(s) will be in a different colour, or will be underlined. In a wiki you can create a link to another page on the same wiki, or also to a completely different web site.

Links to wikis:
Mohamed Etify

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If you have never used a wiki before

Then there are some things you need to know:
Using wikidot


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